Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome 2012!!!

Hello out there, and welcome to the very first post of my very new blog!  Don't let the title of this post induce you into a false notion that this is a new year's resolution.  Actually, I have been planning to start a blog for some time.  But when do you start???  It felt so strange to just jump into it at a random, odd point in the year.  So January it is!

Now that the frenzy of the Christmas rush has passed, I have been so happy to get back into my most happiest of places - working with modern designs on a solid fabric palette.  To get my juices flowing again, I decided to work on some wall hanging ideas that have an element of optical illusion. 

This first one gets its 3-D effect from a more straight forward circle design imposed over the square.

The second one, which I will finish quilting today, is much more dazzling to the eye.  Notice how the little squares, placed in a specific order, give the illusion of curved lines.  And yet all of the squares are exactly the same size! 

I'm still not 100% sure how I will quilt this one, but I'll post it finished tomorrow so you can see it.  I'll also share with you some of the other projects I'm working on.  Being new to blogging, I don't want to spill it all on the first day!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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