Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't sweat the pants.

Happy Friday!

Memorial quilts can really be made from anything.  Just take some clothes and use them as your fabric.  That makes sense.  I was a little caught off guard, though, to find so many of the clothes my friend sent me that were her father's were sweatpants!  Well, that's what he wore!  Ok, then.  I can work with this!

It occurred to me right away that a neat way to use them would be to use the inside as the outside.  This gives the quilt a nice, soft texture.  I decided for this first quilt I would go with a wonky kind of star pattern.

I have some dress shirts to use to give the blocks color and the sweatpants range from light to dark in gray tones.  I'm going to need to be very careful with my fabrics because I'm going to be aiming to make three quilts from these materials.  I'm thinking of a bento box for the next one and maybe just a basic log cabin for the third.  I have some good ideas for some special add on's but I'm going to save that for now so it will be a surprise for my friend!

Here are a few more blocks and what they look like together, so far...

This will keep me occupied well through next week, but my partner is going to force me to take a break and have a weekend.  I was so obsessed with my last project that I pressed on through the whole weekend!  So, since it's going to be pretty and sunny we are going to take care of a different project that we've been meaning to do - get GOOD photographs of my quilts. 

So, expect to see some better photos of things I've done.  I still want to sort of recap last year since it really represents the start of so many things for me.  I also have an Etsy store set up, but there's not a darn thing for sale!  So pictures will help that too.

I do have some really great photos on my website and you can also link to my flickr page from this blog or my website.  I'm just trying to stay current with my newer stuff!

Before I go I'm going to leave you with a few more photos of our pups.  Lenora can't seem to get enough pet pictures...

Jodie Relaxing in the Big Chair

Ruby Sue With Her Bear

I guess that wraps it up for another week!

Until our corners meet again -

-- Alison

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  1. Good Idea. I have two to make for my neighbor. There are flannels and t-shirt knits in my box and Khakis. Oh my!