Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes you need reinforcements.

I did have a good idea.  I did!  But, as it turns out, my big idea was stretching my skills and patience.  I had to call in reinforcements.  So, thank you, Mom, for helping me finally get my nice little bulge onto this background that I designed!

The bulge itself is paper pieced.  I then designed a check background that would sort of fade away and give the bulge some depth and I incorporated a few of the colors from the bulge into the background for perspective.  The problem I was having was getting the bulge to "fit" the background.  What it finally took to get it all together was my patient mother hand sewing it on.  And now I think it looks FANTASTIC!!!!

I haven't decided exactly how I'll quilt my little creation, but will likely be in the ditch given the checks.  Stippling might distract the effect.  I'll have the final product ready to show tomorrow or Friday.

In the meantime, I received a box from a good friend of mine filled with her father's clothes.  He recently passed away and she has commissioned me to make as many quilts as I can with his clothes so the family can have them as keepsakes.  I sure do love being able to do that for people!

Have a great day!

-- Alison

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