Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The First Best Part

What’s the best part of making a quilt?  I guess there are plenty of great answers to that question.  For me it has phases.  The FIRST best part of creating something is being able to step back from it at the end of the day and just take it all in.  I spend a good bit of time visiting my creations throughout the evening and seeing how all the little pieces came together.  Often times, though, this leads me into a corner because… I find a boo boo. 

This is what happened last night with the last wall hanging I worked on – the one I now call “Bulging Rainbow”.  It’s a very minor detail, but now I’ve spotted it and it’s going to bug me until I fix it.  I has to do with the placement of one of the squares within the “bulge”.  The small orange appliquéd squares are facing the wrong direction.  It will be easy to fix, and boy haven’t we all been there!  I’m just glad I found it before it was too late!!

People are curious if I have designed these geometric patterns myself.  Sometimes they are purely my own imagination, but for the most part I get my inspiration from that invention we call the internets.  I like to find something that has real potential to take on my colors and textures and then I let my imagination take over.  Here are some examples you’ll now recognize:

In other news, I am very pleased to find my original pattern “What Goes Around” is now available as a free download on the P&B Textiles website!  Please click the link below to go right to it!

What Goes Around - Free Pattern

Here I am next to What Goes Around at the International Quilt Market in Houston this fall.  As you can see, I was a bit excited to see it again!

And now I will get back to work!  Our 10 month old pug, Ruby, has brought me every toy in her basket which means I've been sitting still too long!

Happy Tuesday!

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