Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello, Sunshine!!!!

What a gorgeous day!  It's 72 degrees, sunny and breezy with big, blue skies.  This got me to thinking about our spring garden!!!  This weekend we are definitely going to spend some time preparing our beds!  We received a "Texas Garden Almanac" for Christmas and by now we are already behind!  haha  But there is still time to get caught up for January.  Just a little weeding in the beds and adding some fresh top soil and compost and we'll be ready to go.  We still have a bit of a winter garden going - beets, turnips, cabbage and carrots, along with a variety of herbs.  The tarragon has never let up all year and the dill is in it's second round of volunteers.  The parsley looks fantastic right now, but all of this is going to be in for it when we get those really hard freezes that come with February.  Everything will come alive again very soon, though.  And this year we are going to really plan things out and not have such a willy nilly collection of veggies.

So back to quilting!  

I spent my time in the sun today driving up to South Austin to deliver my most recent Tshirt quilt.  She was so excited to receive it that she posed for this picture with me!

This really is my favorite part of the task!  

Other than that, I am happy to say that I have finally finished the BulgingRainbow Flag, as it now is.  I think it looks pretty on my little well house out in the sunny Texas day!  Very soon it will live inside an office with NO sunlight so it's going to have to soak this up!

I'm expecting another box of fabric from my cousins who are cleaning out my Great Aunt's house.  I can't wait to see what goodies are in there!  So far I've received everything from wool to antique silk scarves.  I'm on pins and needles and really treasure these gems from my family.

Otherwise, tomorrow I'm going to take a new idea over to my mom's and see if she'll play "how do you suppose you make that?" with me.

Have a fun Thursday, everyone!


  1. What a great place to showcase your quilt ! This is really fantastic.

  2. Love your blog. And great to see the entire wall hanging. It is so amazing!!