Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Stripe Filled Monday!

Good morning, everyone!

I'm getting a late start today after a very busy weekend full of sunshine and yardening.  

I want to show you something I'm working on with stripes.  I have been playing with stripes and really like the way these bias cut blocks look butted up next to each other.  I think I'll try to keep it mainly in the color pink and see what happens.

Also, I'm very proud to see that P&B Textiles posted a picture of my quilt design "Boxes and Bubbles" (on the left) at Market in Kansas City this weekend!  I'm very proud of this one and hope I will also get a glimpse of my primaries that were there, too.

 Hope everyone enjoys the week ahead!

Until our corners meet again,
-- Alison


  1. Really cute stripe blocks. I love the look of them. Congrats on your quilt being at Market! Nice job.

  2. Love How you are doing your stripes! I want to play with this block some day.