Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yet Another Necktie Rug

With a few free days it is amazing how much work one can get done when it's all fun and no one to please but yourself.  This morning I decided to dig out what was left of the 197 men's ties that I inherited a few months back.  The first thing I "played" with was making a little bag.  I looked at several tutorials and then just flew by the seat of my pants.  Very simple little project that didn't take very long to complete.  I tried to salvage the tie tag that said the maker and that it was silk made in Switzerland.  The tag didn't fair the move very well but I'm glad that it made it on there.  I used another vintage cotton tie as the handle.

I then decided to play with making a rectangle shaped rug with some of the ties.  I still haven't figured out how to keep them from curving so much, I tried and tried to keep them straight but they had their own ideas about that.  I put a stiff backing on it then bound it with a heavy canvas.

This week I also managed to find some time to play with solids, my favorite!                     
I made this wall hanging using up some of my bright and black scraps.  I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

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