Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stuff in the works...

Happy Wednesday!

I've been up to my earballs in memorial quilts this week.  I generally like projects that come together and go out the door relatively quickly, so for me this is a really long project.  I have completed one top and am sewing the second one together today. 

I chose a wonky star pattern for the first one, and a wonky log cabin for the second.  Each quilt will have his initials on it.  The challenge for me has been working with the thick material from the sweatpants and I'm worried that my machine is going to get hung up at those seams when I go to stipple it.  I'm also not sure if I sure use a thinner batting, no batting, or what.  Does anyone have any experience with using this type of fabric?  I sure would love to know how best to approach this once I hit the quilting stage.  There are so many different fabric thicknesses, ranging from the sweatpants to thermal material to flannel.  This is going to be interesting!

For the last quilt I'm going to use a bento box type pattern.  On this one I'm going to focus more on the other fabrics and try to move completely away from the sweatpant material.  This should give some variety for the kids to pick from.

It's been so unusually warm here, but it looks like the weekend is going to be chilly.  So if I have to be inside I'll just keep plugging away on this!

Oh, I almost forgot...  The optical illusion wall hanging that Lenora claimed finally made it to its home over her desk. 

She says that they are trying to get more lights turned on over her team's area, but apparently most everyone else likes to work in the dark!  I would be asleep under the desk if I had to work in that much dark!!!!  I guess the IT industry is a bit different than mine where I sit next to a great big window all day and watch the people, cars, dogs, birds, cats, and whatnot go by!  I guess everything works out!

Until our corners meet again, have a great one!!!

-- Alison

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