Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pug Dog Silhouette Quilt

I was asked by a friend to make a pug silhouette quilt with three pugs, two black and a fawn to represent their family of pugs.  First I needed to figure out how to make a pug big enough for a quilt.  I found a few images online and read a few ideas and came up with this method.  I printed out an image of a pug onto regular printer paper then traced that onto a clear plastic sheet protector pocket thingy.  I then taped that to something that would suspend it... in this case a music stand.  I set up a light behind the plastic sheet to project the image onto the wall.  I  traced the pug onto a piece of butcher paper that I had taped there.  Once traced onto the butcher paper, I cut it out and pinned it to a piece of fabric and cut out the image.  I appliqued the dogs to the fabrics, added colorful appliqued collars and then quilted it.  Fun project!


  1. How clever of you!! It came out just beautiful. I'm sure she was pleased with the results. It's great to be challenged once in awhile and to do something as spectacular as this!

  2. So cute! and I love your clever quilting!