Sunday, February 17, 2013

Primitive Garden Bench Project

Several months ago we acquired an old ranch trailer from a close friend of ours.  This trailer had a lot of sentimental value to us because it had once belonged to a now deceased neighbor of ours.  For that reason, we saved the old trailer deck boards for a future project. This last weekend that project became a garden bench.  I did some looking and found this simple bench plan here.   I wanted to paint something  on the side that would fancy it up a bit and give it an antique or primitive look... like it had been painted for a very long time.   I found this awesome and super easy tutorial  by Diddle Dumpling where you easily transfer images printed on an inkjet printer straight to a wood surface using only water and a little rubbing.  It really is that easy!!  After it was good and dry, I applied a good coat of polyurethane.  We love the way it turned out!  I will definitely use this fun and easy method of transferring images again.

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