Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Necktie Rug Tutorial

Here is how to make a very quick and simple floor rug using old men's neckties.  Since valentine's Day is right around the corner I decided to make a rug using only red ties.  I purchased a lot of old ties on Ebay,  I was very pleased with the mixed lot that I received - for a very reasonable price.  Estate sales and garage sales are the best places to find the best deals.  For this little rug I used 16 ties.  Do not pull the ties apart, use them just as they are, you will only trim the length of the tie to the width of the backing.

Begin with a piece of backing material.  I have tried several different materials, this time I started with a piece of buckram fabric.  Buckram is usually used to make book covers and hats but it was a weight that I thought would hold up well.   My rug is 36" long and 25" wide.  The buckram comes in a 25" width, you can piece it together to make what ever size you like.  (*update* 5-22-13 I have started using thick felt for the backing, it seems to be more rigid over time, easier to sew and it give the rug a little cushion.) Ties are very long so you will only be using about half of the tie.  Be sure to hold on to the other half for another project.   Start in the center of the piece of buckram, pin your first tie down and then pin another tie next to that one with the large end pointed the other direction as you see below, we will alternate wide, narrow, wide, narrow.  It is important that you use a very heavy duty needle for this, I used a 18/110 and a heavy duty upholstery thread.  I used a matching red thread. Using a fairly close zig-zag stitch,  sew the first two ties together on top of the buckram backing.  Working out from the center out, keep adding ties with a zig-zag stitch, trimming the excess tie off.

This is what it should look like when you have sewn down all your ties.

Trim off any left over tie pieces or points.

Machine bind as you would a quilt.  Katie at Swimbikequilt has a good tutorial if you don't know how to do this.  You could try to bind by hand but I think it would be difficult due to the thickness of the fabric.  I used a red twill fabric for my binding so that it would hold up to wear and tear.

There you are, just that easy!


  1. Obrigada,ficou muito lindo.Parabéns pela ideia.

  2. Obrigado por seus comentários agradáveis e por visitar meu blog.

  3. My father passed away last year and my mother just gave me a bag of his ties to take to Goodwill. I know it was hard for her to part with them. Instead I will be making this for her to hang on the wall. Thanks for the information.