Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Last week was SUPER busy!  Where do I even start!

Ok, I guess first off let's start with my dad's birthday.  That was on Wednesday, but the festivities started much sooner.  On the Friday night before his birthday, my twin sister decided on the spur of the moment to drive down from Colorado and we greeted her in the cantina late Saturday afternoon.  She brought her sewing machine and our family project "T Stars" so we spent several days working on those with our mom.

Since then I've been able to finish mine completely.  Mom and Barbara finished their tops while she was here.

Alison's finished T-Star

Barbara and Mom's T-Star tops

Ok, back to Dad's birthday...  This was a big one for him - his 70th!  He had been dreaming of flying in some WWII bombers that were going to be at a show at the San Marcos Airport.  On Tuesday we got to see him go up in a B-17!!!  The next day he was set to fly in a B-24, but the weather was uncooperative for most of the day.  Finally, in the afternoon, their was a break in the weather, and when it came time to load everyone on the plane there was one extra seat --- FOR ME!!  What a thrill it was to fly on this plane with my dad on his birthday!  For anyone interested, this is the last B-24 that is still flying!  It has been flying since 1944!!!  That fact was both frightening and exhilarating!

B-24 Liberator

Me and Dad in the air - NO turning back!!
After all of that it's a wonder I got any sewing done!!!  But I did...  I finished my quilt for P&B Textiles in short order once the fabric arrived and turned it back out the door in a few days, headed directly to the photographer in Colorado.  This is from their "felicity" line.  I love the colors and the fun design!  Look for the pattern coming out soon at

Boxes and Bubbles
This week I'll be working on the primary quilt for P&B's "Scraffito" line.  I'll have some pictures ready to post for next week!

After all the busy days that filled last week, I really enjoyed a quiet weekend at home.  Ruby is also glad to get back to a more laid back pace.  You can tell from this picture that, slow and mellow is totally her style!

I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Until our corners meet again,
-- Alison


  1. great T stars quilts and how wonderful time spent with family. Ruby looks very happy too-great photo

  2. Wow, your Dad looks great for 70! Love the quilt you submitted to P&B - will be on the lookout for the pattern!

  3. I've never seen a t-star before. I really like that pattern and the colors that you chose!

  4. Wow. You have been busy. The T Star is wonderful.